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Services include consultation on secondary processes with an emphasis on paint applications of plastics and metals, decorating and graphics, assembly processes, project management, work flow and process analysis.  We also focus on parts and products produced in the plastics industry with our main emphasis on added value processes and services.  Examples of plastics processing include custom injection molding, thermoforming and vacuum forming, blow molding, compression molding, rotational molding, reaction injection molding and extrusion molding.  We are Sales Representatives for paint application and masking equipment manufactures.   And we represent assembly equipment and custom machinery manufactures providing tooling, fixtures and automation for your secondary processes and parts produced in the plastics and metal industries. 


Whether you have a manual, semi-automatic or fully automated paint system, or are considering starting a painting operation, PFSC can assist.  Consulting includes detailed evaluations providing solid recommendations and solutions.  Results can include enhanced work flow, improvements in processes, efficiencies, and overall finishing operations.  Objectives and goals include improved product quality and reductions in rejects and scrap.  


We can provide assistance in identifying and recommending coatings tailored to fit your specifications and requirements.  Capabilities and services also include sampling and testing your coatings to provide critical feedback regarding technical data such as processing data, ease of application and other key parameters.  We can provide a quality “Class A” finish on your sample and prototype parts or pilot production runs.


We can provide assistance in the selection of equipment and accessories for your decorating needs including pad printing, hot stamping, heat transfer or silk screening.  Once we have your supplied artwork we can manage the project from inception to launch by providing the tooling and fixturing and startup support. 



  • Paint Applications Consultation

  • Paint Masks

  • Mask Washing Equipment

  • Paint Tooling

  • Robotics

  • Manual and Automatic Painting Equipment

  • Turnkey Finishing Systems


  • Decorating & Graphics Consultation

  • Pad printing, Hot Stamping, Heat Transfer, In-mold Decorating, Silk Screening

  • Tooling & Fixtures

  • Decorating Supplies


  • Assembly Applications

  • Thermal Process Applications

  • Ultrasonic Applications

  • Hot Air / Cold Stake Applications

  • Work Flow Consultation

  • Tooling & Fixtures

  • Holding Fixtures

  • Custom Equipment

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